How do I choose a stand for my gear?
The first thing you can do to find a stand for your gear is to use the search engine in our store.
There you can enter the brand or name of your equipment and you will find many models specially designed for each machine.

If the search engine does not find a model for your device, don’t worry, we have other compatible models!

The MAX stands are compatible with the vast majority of synthesizers, sequencers, mixers and audio hardware.

It has 3 models: 45 °, Tilted and Raised

Each of them with different heights and inclinations. And we manufacture them in 3 different sizes each.

Sizes vary between 15 and 30cm. depth.

To know which size is the right one for your equipment, you must measure its depth with a ruler or measuring tape, as seen in the example photographs:

If your equipment does not exactly match any of the available sizes, we recommend that you choose a smaller one.

For example, if your synthesizer is 17cm. the correct stand size will be one of 15cm.

Since one of 20cm. will stand out and take up extra space.

For example: Depth of Elektron Analog RYTM is 22cm. and stand MAX 45 ° 20cm.  is the ideal size for it.

It only remains to measure your equipment and choose the support that will place it in the position you need!

If you feel to contact us, please do it in our chat