We are a brand born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2017.
From the first moment we were clear that innovating was going to be one of Coverup’s main guidelines.

So it was that we adopted 3D printing as the main manufacturing method for our line of ergonomic supports.

We design them especially for each team, taking into account their shapes and use. They allow ergonomic access to their functions and save space in your setup or studio. All our products aim to make more efficient, comfortable and safe use of your equipment.

We also keep the concept of innovation in mind when designing, promoting and carrying out any brand strategy.

In 2018 we began manufacturing our line of protective covers for audio equipment (synthesizers, controllers, etc.)

Every year we add new models to continue expanding our catalog.
We demand our covers to the maximum so that all our users have the peace of mind that their equipment is protected.
It is a key accessory for the care of our equipment, both in the studio and during its transport for a live performance.

Our covers protect your controllers, mixers, and synths from dust, dirt, bumps, and liquids.

They allow you to transport them with ease, avoiding damaging knobs, buttons and faders.

One of the benefits of 3D printing is the possibility of decentralizing production.
So it was that in 2019 we expanded our horizons by opening our store in Barcelona, as a point of sale for all of Europe, where Coverup grows day by day.

 Coverup we are music lovers, DJs and producers. Fans of audio equipment. We have our own studio where we test each product. This guarantees quality products made by and for musicians.

All our products are 100% recyclable, both the material we use and the packaging

The plastic is an extract of corn starch (100% recyclable)

The rods are made of ecological wood

The bags are made of recyclable kraft paper.

In addition, the coils where the material is sent to us, we return them to the factory to reuse them later, with this we have eliminated all the waste that we generated when producing

It is very important for COVERUP to highlight that our production leaves the least possible footprint on climate change and collaborates with the environment in all its processes.